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Rocket Properties LLC Mission Statement

Rocket Properties in Little Rock believes that stewardship of land is paramount. Empathy for land is the driving force behind our low impact development approach. The result is the development of  an environmentally sensitive, green neighborhood and Arkansas' first and only Green Certified Neighborhood.

Rocket Properties development in Woodlands Edge

Our commitment to green development is demonstrated through:

  • Creation of a plan that is molded to the land rather than being forced upon it
  • Conservation of existing natural vegetation & resources
  • Preservation of almost 1/3 of the site has been left natural
  • Preservation of terrain and natural topography
  • Preservation of riparian corridors and rivulets
  • Strong encouragement of builders to protect trees and greenspaces through the use of conservation easements, tree protection methods & education
  • Employment of state of the art tree protection techniques and methods
  • Minimizing site disturbance during construction by reducing excavation and fill, which decreases erosion and sedimentation
  • Wildlife habitat preservation and enhancement
  • Minimization of infrastructure by reducing amount of stormwater infrastructure, reducing street widths and lengths, etc.
  • Chipping & recycling trees and vegetation for use as mulch for trail surfacing and planting beds
  • Providing concrete washout pits and construction parking areas
  • Planting trees – 1,500 planted annually

Our goals are to create distinctive neighborhoods in Little Rock that provide an enhanced quality of life and a closeness to nature, not found in ordinary neighborhoods. We also want to demonstrate a "land ethic"characterized by our commitment to the conservation of land and natural resources through the protection of greenspaces, establishment of nature trails, enhancement of wildlife habitat and creation of outdoor recreation spaces


“Nothing so important as an ethic is ever ‘written’… it evolves in the minds of a thinking community.” Aldo Leopold.
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